Covid-19 Information

Covid-19 Return to Operation Plan

Date of return Thursday the 21st May 2020


These guidelines have been written based on our previous experience with level 2 and with the best of our estimation, the measures expected to be announced tomorrow and on Monday 11th May.

The guidelines are subject to change and have been written to protect all members, guests and staff that attend the Howick RSA and Community Club. Please do not be offended if our staff ask you to comply with these guidelines, it is their job and done only with your health and wellbeing in mind.

These guidelines are some of the precautions and processes that we are planning, however everything is subject to change and amendments as required. Our staff will happily help if anyone is unsure of anything and my details are below if you would like clarification on anything.


The key areas of importance are:

  • Social distancing
  • Hygiene and cleaning
  • Contact tracing
  • Safe activities
  • Communication


Social Distancing:

  1. If you are unwell or are have a cold etc, please stay home. Our staff will ask anyone who is displaying signs that are consistent with the symptoms of Covid-19 to leave.
  2. The tables have been arranged in a manner that will allow for a 1-metre social distancing, we recognise that some people attending will be from the same bubble and therefore can be closer, however if you are not in the same bubble you must sit responsibly and adhere to the 1 metre rule. (subject to the Govt. recommendations.)
  3. We have signage to remind members of the social distancing guidelines.
  4. We will be encouraging members to make contactless transactions where possible.
  5. Please always respect other members and staff always allow space for passing etc.


Hygiene and Cleaning:

  1. Hand sanitisers are located at front entrance and bar/restaurant service areas. Members are asked to use these on entry and exit and after touching money etc.
  2. Spray bottles and cloths will be available at locations throughout the club.
  3. Staff will regularly be cleaning hi-touch areas.
  4. Customers will wait to be seated in the club to ensure that all tables have been cleaned between customers.
  5. There will be no cutlery on the tables, serviette w cutlery & salt & pepper shakers will be given out at the time of ordering and removed for wiping on completion of meal.
  6. Fresh glasses will be given at every purchase. 
  7. The Front door will be the only entry and exit to the club the back stairs will be locked to help with member entry, control of numbers and most importantly contact tracing.
  8. We have signage to remind members of the hygiene guidelines.


Contact Tracing:

  1. All members, affiliated members and their guests must sign in and out, including their contact number. This information will be kept for the purpose of Contact Tracing only and will be destroyed when they are no longer required.
  2. All contractors must sign in and out, make a declaration that they are symptom free, are not awaiting results of any covid-19 testing and have not recently returned from overseas.
  3. Anyone not agreeing to have their details taken will be asked to leave immediately.


Safe Activities:

  1. The Pool tables and Snooker tables are closed to the public during level two, bowls is another that we do not believe can happen under the current guidelines with social distancing and equipment sharing.
  2. The Membership Draw has been suspended until the limits on attendance are lifted.



We will undertake to ensure that members are kept up to date with any changes.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding anything in these guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact the club by phone on 5349702 or